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New Homes Sales Consultants Onsite Policy Manual

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This downloadable and editable word document may be one of the most important products home builders or their agents may see on the internet. Scroll to see its table of contents.

It is a sample onsite policy manual used by David Fletcher for years as the baseline onsite policy manual for builders he represented as the listing agent for the builder's homes or condominiums. 

Fletcher believes that the main reason builders and real estate agents have such shortlisting relationships is the confusion over policy. He made it his business to make sure the builders he represented agreed with how the onsite sales team would function and be paid.

This sample policy manual has been used by the author, David. R. Fletcher, to recruit, train, and supervise full-time sales teams for more than $3 billion in sales for new condominium rental conversions, and single-family subdivisions.

It is offered as a guide to help home builders who are thinking of retaining the services of a real estate broker, or to help a broker who is thinking of becoming the exclusive listing agent for a condominium project, a single-family subdivision, or a home builder.

Consider this a draft and make any changes you need to make, including replacing the brand on the cover with yours. This document is offered as a Word document so you can brand or co-brand the cover and modify its content as needed.

David Fletcher has added comments to the sidebar about each section with helpful thoughts and suggestions for how to use the manual, and how to customize it for your needs. This is a digitally downloaded product. You will receive a link upon checkout to download your document.

Table of Contents

4.1 Appearance and Dress Code
4.2 Business Cards and Name Tags
4.3 Communications philosophy
4.4 Closing Incentives
4.5 E-mail
4.6 Floor Schedule
4.7 Punctuality
4.8 Golf Carts (if applicable)
4.9 Lines of Communications
4.10 Broker Marketing Services
4.11 Onsite Sales Training Topics
4.12 Name Tags
4.13 Office Cleanliness
4.14 Office Security
4.15 Obligating the Company/Acceptance of Fees
4.16 Property Management Referral Fees
4.17 Smoking and Alcoholic Beverages
4.18 Contingency Sales
4.19 Telephone
4.20 Termination
4.21 Communications and lines of authority
4.22 Outbound listing referrals
4.23 Outbound sales referrals
4.24 Approved Inventory
4.25 Commission Splits
4.26 Internal Documents/Privacy
5.1 Checklist
5.2 Sales Training
5.3 Prospect Registration
5.4 Co-broker Sales
5.5 Builder- Co-Broker Checklist
5.6 Timely Registration
5.7 Call-Ins
5.8 Guided Virtual Tour Leads
5.9 Returning Prospects
5.10 E-mail Inquiries Distribution
5.11 Second language market
5.12 Social media (Your policy)
5.13 E-mail blasts
6.1 Prospect registration
6.2 Prospect Co-Broker registration
6.3 The model tour
6.4 Follow up procedure
6.5 Qualifying for a mortgage
6.6 Answering Construction Questions
6.7 Transaction management
6.8 Incentives
6.9 Negotiating Incentives
6.10 Adding Upgrades to the Purchase Agreement
6.11 Design Center Appointments and Process
6.12 Closing Escrow
6.13 Move-In Process
6.14 Pre-construction Inspections
6.15 Required deposit with Purchase Agreement
6.16 Reports
6.17 Change Order Policy
6.18 Inventory Control
7.1 Earnest Money Deposits
7.2 Addendum
7.3 Cancellations
7.4 Refunds
7.5 Closing Instructions to Closing Agent
7.6 Exceptions
7.7 Transaction Management
7.8 The Preferred Lender
8.1 Your Commissions
8.2 Co-broker Commissions

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