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Certified New Homes Sales Training - New Home Co-Broker Academy
Certified New Homes Sales Training - New Home Co-Broker Academy
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Earn Your New Home Co-Broker (NHCB) Designation Online Today

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"How to Build A New Homes Niche" 3-Hour Online New Home Co-Broker (NHCB) Certification Course 

This course is not about how to build a new home. Learning construction is about as far from the money as you can get.  It is not about why we think every home shopper should visit a new home model, although we do.

This real estate online course is about you, the general real estate agent who needs and wants real new home sales training and is willing to invest in themselves to get it.

What we teach is not available anywhere else unless someone copied what we teach, because what we teach is not last year's content with a new title. Our content is based on valid research, case studies, and years of experience dealing with home builders, new home shoppers, and onsite sales agents. 

We know what works and what does not work. How? Because we have sold over $3 billion in new construction, about 50 percent of these sales were made to Realtors representing new home shoppers. We know what you need to learn, as you will see below:

Course Content

Section 1: Understand Your Market & Your Competition 

You are in your own business. You need to understand your market and your competition. You will quickly see by the data that there is almost no competition for new home shoppers and you will quickly by the numbers understand whether adding new homes inventory to your business and reaching out for new home shoppers is worth the risk of the price of this course. We consider this section to be an important wake-up call for those whose mission is commission.

Section 2: How to Establish A Price Baseline

We know. You might not know what a baseline is. It has to do with your prospect understanding the money, and coming to that conclusion on their own. This one strategy will help you sell more resales and new homes, and with today's 'indifferent' market, a large number of your prospects will consider both resales and new homes. 

You are trained to sell and list resales. We recommend that you stay in that business but add more saleable inventory - new homes - to your showings.  You need saleable inventory. What is more saleable than a new home? 

You'll learn just how important it is for resale shoppers to "understand the money" and how showing new homes makes that possible. .  The most common response we get to this section is "Why were we not taught this strategy in our resale training? Maybe it's because it goes beyond MLS, but we don't know for sure.

Section 3: How to Find New Homes Inventory 

If you are not using the builder's new-home internet advisor or concierge you are working way too hard and losing sales. We know. You have never heard of such a service. The builder started offering this service about 20 years ago.  We teach you how to take advantage of this service to help homebuilders help you find inventory, register their prospects online, and protect your commission. Oh, yes. It happens every day! 

Section 4: How to Show New Homes With Confidence

If they like you, they will listen to you and trust you. If they trust you they will buy from you. We show you the three things that onsite agents complain about real estate agents and how to eliminate them. 

We show you how to be paid a commission even though you did not introduce your prospects on their first visit.

We take you step-by-step through the right way, from the perspective of the buyer, the onsite sales consultant, and you. One of the most memorable lessons is how to show new homes without saying a word! 

Section 5: How To Team Up With Onsite Consultants

You are never closer to the money than when your prospects are being toured by an onsite agent. Except when because of your relationship with an onsite agent you get priority notices about inventory, incentives, and the like. You need to build your preferred builder network with onsite sales consultants. Onsite agents will welcome you!

Section 6:  How to Find New Home Shoppers

It's easier than you think but it takes work. 50% of your business should come from referrals after two years. We can help. We help you build your referral business by providing access to our referral directory (this is NEW). 

It's finding the other 50% that matters most. We show you how to find it with samples of what our graduates are doing on social media, Realty Times, and YouTube. We expect you to be showing new homes either during or soon after completing the course.

Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Extras Included!

We include tools to help you start on the right track. It is our way to thank you for your trust in our training and to help you establish your credentials as a Certified New Home Co-Broker (NHCB).
  • FREE membership in our newest service, a peer-to-peer referral directory called MyNHCB Connection. In the MyNHCB Connection, you will also find coaching videos by David Fletcher and a step-by-step explanation about how to use New Home Source Professional for finding inventory. 
  • FREE Certified NHCB logo files for posting in your email signature and social media profiles.
  • FREE Checklist to Help You Remember To Apply What You Learn!
  • FREE New Homes Sales Scripts to give you the right answers for the most common new home sales questions.

We're confident that with our unparalleled marketing support you will soon find yourself the "go-to" agent in your office and market area for everything related to new homes. 


You may take the course online from your desktop, laptop, or any mobile device. You can enroll immediately.

  • Complete the course at your own pace. If you log out, you can start again where you left off.

  • You'll have one-year random access to the course, so you can go back anytime during the year to freshen your knowledge and skills.

  • Complete the 20-question exam with a score of 80% and earn your NHCB Certification. 
  • The course consists of 130 narrated and animated slides and videos. You are free to move within sections and between sections as you wish.

  • Content is based on demographic data, case studies, and David Fletcher's 30+ years as the listing broker of record for more than 70 new home communities.


If you have any questions or have any technical difficulties, we're here to help. We will respond to your requests within 24 hours, and in most cases within an hour or two. Weekdays 8 am - 6 pm est.


We will 100% of your investment for any reason within 30 days of purchase if requested before you take the final exam. So, there's really no risk for you to enroll today and join more than 5,000 REALTORS who are solving the used home 'saleable inventory problem by adding new home inventory to their business and new home shoppers to their prospects.

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