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David Fletcher, New Home Coach

We don't do 'virtual' We do "productive" reality. There is nothing 'virtual" about losing thousands in commissions because you did not resolve a concern that your prospects had that you may or may not known about. The loss is real in dollars. 

I asked by talented son-in-law to produce some important  videos in his house that might be helpful to our more than 4,000 graduate as well as agents who just need a solution, not an appointment or a call back. 

So, with the belief that there would be a market that  would pay $2.99 or so, we produced 40 or short videos that address questions that come up in the  field and need a correct, timely answer.       

Until that technology comes along we will continue to provide solutions to  real estate agents  that we know are applicable, principled and work in the field, because there is nothing we teach we have not experienced. 

Watch this video and checkout the list of videos rentable for 24 hours, just long enough for you to get an answer you need to make the sale or build more trust with your prospects. 

Affordable New Coaching On Demand.  Watch the short video then review the playlist of solutions.. 

Best Regards,

David R. Fletcher  Founder/Coach

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