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You Don't Need To Know Construction To Sell New Homes

Think licensed home inspectors.

Will the home builders you are working with allow your buyer to bring in a home inspector at the buyer's expense during preconstruction of the home?

If you can think of a better way to protect both your interest and that of the home buyer, let me know, and I will write a blog about it.


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  • When I started adding new homes showings to my resale prospects, my entire career path changed. I had never sold a new home for the eight years because I had no idea how to approach new home buyers or onsite sales teams. This course lays it out. Every REALTOR should take this course.

    Mary Carpousis
  • Hello, I completed the course at Providence about 2 years ago. However, I just moved to the Naples market and I want to focus on new homes as my local niche. I have forgotten most of the material unfortunately and it also appears that the new online program delves deeper into prospecting for new construction buyers. Are you able to provide the course to me free of charge as a refresher since I am technically already certified NHCB. Please advise. Thanks in advance as I look forward to taking the online course soon.

    Have a blessed and positive day!

    Raymond Butterfield

    Raymond Butterfield

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