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Providence Co-Broker Sales Grow From 20% to 80%

Davenport, Fl -  Florida land developer and home builder, ABD Development, is pioneering an unusual approach to helping their five home builders increase their co-broker absorption rates and its working.

ABD is offering a free three-hour continuing education course, How To Build A New Homes Niche,  to area Realtors, including a continental breakfast and lunch. But 'the genius of this program is the New Home Co-broker (NHCB) certification we customized to maximize the benefit to our builders." according to Matt Brown, Providence Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

"Each Realtor must visit each of our five homebuilder sales offices and models to qualify for the certification. They then may pick up their designation certificate at our information center.

"They are then emailed logos and a pdf, summarizing how to implement what they have learned, including recommended website links and more.

"We began the monthly courses in January 2016 and saw our co-broker sales increased from 20% to 80% last year. The co-broker program continues to show an 80% participation. 

"The strategy is to help Realtors deal with their fears and concerns, not learn about the homes.  Our builders look forward to seeing 50-60 new homes oriented  Realtors in their models every month," Brown said. 

More than 1200 local Realtors have earned their NHCB designation through our program, and the Osceola County Association of Realtors (OSCAR) is now marketing the course to its members.

"Helping Realtors meet their needs has in turn done more to encourage them to help us sell our new homes beyond our expectations," Brown said.


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