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Houston. We Have A Solution.

Harvey, the largest storm to hit America in recorded history, has been knocking at Houston's door and finding thousands of people home.

They are praying and hoping to hear opportunity knock in the form of an air mattress, ski boat, skiff, jet ski, anything that will help them leave their home before they drown. 

There are and will be endless accounts of the hopeless being rescued and strangers saving the lives of people they will never see again.

Did God send this storm to remind us that He is in control and that Americans are still the blessed of the blessed?  One thing is for sure. This storm is not the result of a conspiracy. 

Let's hope the national media  take this opportunity to avoid unwanted tension by asking gotcha questions, but see this as one of most heroic times in our history, driven by  people of all political beliefs, all colors, and all ages who when it came to help those in trouble, looked beyond their faults to their needs. And met them many times at the risk of their own lives.


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